Friday, February 18, 2011

23000 years old Evidence of Dwaraka city found underwater


In the photo (courtesy ASI) above, An underwater archaeologist of the ASI examines an ancient structure off the shore of Dwaraka; a circular structure on the shore at Dwaraka; fragment of an ancient structure found underwater; remains of an ancient structure in the forecourt of the Shri Dwarakadhish Mandir (temple).

Over 23000 years old evidence of God Shri Krishn's Dwarka/Dwarika Nagri have been found which proves that Sanatan Vedic Dharm is the oldest civilization in the world. It all started and developed in the holy land of Aryavrat/Bharat (misnomer: India) since eons together. The researchers and scientists busted the Myth of Aryan Invasion also in many video evidence given below.

Bangalore based Dr. S.R. Rao, a living legend, now at 84, but once an active, high profile archeologist who discovered Indus valley civilization site of Lothal, who bravely excavated Siddhpur’s Rudramahel site against all the odds, who successfully accomplished underwater excavation to discover Lord Krishna’s Dwarka city’s remains in Arabian Sea for 11 years, was in Ahmedabad recently to deliver a lecture and to share his knowledge about Lord Krishna’s submerged capital city Dwarka.
DeshGujarat.Com recorded his speech in which he presented some important aspects of his Dwarka discovery.
Mr. Rao has handed over a project to the government of Gujarat for building an underwater museum in Arabian Sea at Dwarka. He says that it would be interesting for people to actually see Lord Krishna’s Dwarka city’s fort wall and other remains under the water.
Salute to Mr. Rao for whatever he has done for Gujarat and for what he still intends to do.
And when Mr. S.R. Rao was in Ahmedabad for his lecture, we some three reporters grabbed an opportunity to talk with him in detail about Dwarka excavations of last century, his comment on recent excavations and findings near Dwarka in Arabian Sea and his proposed project of underwater museum.
Krishna’s Dwaraka was a western Indian city that according to Vishnu Purana was submerged by the sea right after the death of Lord Krishna. This was regarded as a grandiose metaphor, part of a story filled with great myths but In the early eighties an important archaeological site was found at Dwaraka from the Arabian sea, the site of the legendary city of Lord Krishna. Now, it is discovered that the whole coast of western India sank by nearly 40 feet around 1500 B.C. E. Why is that the rediscovery of Dwaraka has not attracted the same degree of attention in the West ? Big question that is.


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  2. Some say that Sri krishna was born in 3227 BC, then could Dwarka Nagri be 23000 yrs old...