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Glory of Sri Hayagreeva

In order to reform this human life, God has taken several incarnations.  We may not be able to know all the forms, yet there are some forms God has taken to give knowledge and some forms show how to lead and practice a perfect human life.  Hayagreeva Avataram is one such form.
Hayagreeva means "horse head with human body".  Just as Narasimha Avatharam (Human body with Lion head) is so wonderful  and astonishing,  So is Hayagreeva.  All of God's deeds are wonderful, astonishing, and joyous.
Hayagreeva Avataram (incarnation) has been discussed in the  holy scripture history
Srimad Bha:gavatham, as well as  in  sage  Veda Vyasa's Sri Maha Bha:ratham.   Some millions of years ago, in the beginning of this creation, God preached Vedas to the 4 headed Bramha.  But Bramha did not pay any attention.  It is a sin not to pay attention when a teacher is teaching.  As a result, two demons were born from Bramha.  They are called Madhu and Kaitabha.  Being demons, they stole the Vedas, Divine knowledge  from Bramha.  In order to acquire those Vedas back, God took the form of Hayagreeva.  In this form, he killed   those demons and gave  the Vedas back to Bramha.
God Srimannarayana is very kind and gave the Vedas to Bramha  without  him asking for
it.   A knowledge taught to someone without  they seeking it  has no value. So Brahma could not grasp it.
The Vedas, which had turned into 4 Veda purushas, were caught by the demons and taken to the  worlds under the sea.
Losing all the Vedas, which are like the light of knowledge, left Brahma surrounded by darkness.  Therefore, he did a Maha yagna to get the Vedas back.  God has a kind heart, which
melted upon seeing this.  He went to the underworlds, taking a Hayagreeva form, and makes a
big whinny (horse noise).  Hearing that amazing sound, the demons ran away.  Hayagreeva takes the 4 Vedapurushas carefully,  goes to Brahma, who is performing the yagna and pleading for the Vedas, emerges from his form, and gives those Vedas back to Bramha.
Meanwhile, back in the underworld, the demons  who  ranaway  after hearing the
amazing sounds called Udgeedha (a Samaveda song),  came back looking for their Vedas.
Finding them missing,  they thought that  this is the work of Sri Maha Vishnu.  They  go to Palkadali, the milk ocean.  Seeing the Lord lying on the snake bed, they are ready to fight with Him.  Fighting with the Lord?  They  could only lose their lives, which they did.  Anybody who fought with Sri Maha Vishnu and died  would get Moksha.  So did the demons ?  Meanwhile, the 4 headed Brahma acquired all the Vedic knowledge again. The knowledge given to those  people who never seek for it   will go waste.  The day after the  full moon or new moon is known as "Prathipath" or "Pa:dyami".  Lord created the 4 headed Bramha on that day and also preached to him the Vedas on the same day.  Since Brahma lost all the Vedas, it was thereafter said that knowledge taught on "Prathipath"  day will be lost.

In order to proceed for higher studies and acquire wonderful knowledge which will help to secure the most powerful and ultimate fruit, one needs to worship Hayagreeva on his birthday, worship him with sthothras, and then he will grant our wishes. This Hayagreeva emerged from the fire on the day of the full moon of Sravana. Worshipping him, chanting the Sthotras in praise of him on this day will definitely please Him, remove all our  obstacles, and acquire the knowledge we seek. Haya means "knowledge", and Greeva means "neck".  Hayagreeva is the embodiment of all knowledge.
The 4 Vedas, Rig Veda, Yajur Veda, Sama Veda, and Attharva Veda, are all Manthras which are filled with powerful sounds.  All Mantras have Beejaaskaras( divine  root  phonemes).
All the power of the Manthras are embedded in these Beejaaksharas.  Beejaaksharas are not
straight forward like the Manthras.  It may seem as though they are meaningless.  However, they h a v e   a b u n d a n t   s t r e n g t h   a n d   p owe r.    T h e s e  Ma n t h r a s  wi t h   B e e j a a k s h a r a s   a r e   c a l l e d "Uttama:ngam", the meaning of which is  similar to "head".
If these Manthras take a form, the Beejaaskaras are like a head, or horse head-
"Hayavadanam".  The whinny (sound of a horse)  we do not know  what it means ??    but, it is extremely powerful and drives away all the sins and sinners.  That is why the demons ran away.
Worship the Lord Hayagreeva, who is  (origin)  Mula Swaroopa, for the Beejaaksharas
and Manthras.  He will grant  the ability to grasp all the studies.Sriman Nigamantha Desikar has written 33 slokas in the praise of Hayagreeva.  In every Sloka there are embedded a few Beejaaksharas. Students who wish to obtain higher goals in their studies  and all others who wish to achieve good wealth and good speech, benefit from reciting those particular slokas in Hayagreeva Sthothram.

Jai Srimannarayana !

Puranas say that  while the human being is in the womb of its mother, the baby remembers all the deeds and experiences of previous births and also the sequence of sufferings in hell and  enjoyments of heaven  that one has to undergo after death, before taking next birth !
They also know that once they were born they will forget and so Purana says that  the baby before birth  keep on saying again and again to itself, while severely  suffering in the womb,  that definitely in this birth I shall do all the things that are necessary to escape from the cycle of births and deaths.   I will follow every Dharma  without falling in the pangs of Maya and  I ' ll  strive to escape from this trecherous sufferings of death and birth.  But, once the baby comes out of the womb, Maya encompasses the knowledge of the soul. It resets the knowledge  disk of Manas and thus the soul forgets all its previous knowledge and becomes totally innocent.  The remnants of previous Karmas (called Samskaras)  keep guiding the new child.  Thus the child grows.
Great Yogis and Jna:nis who overcome that Maya after strenuous self practice as a blessing of realised Gurus only can again regain the knowledge of the secret of previous births and deaths.  Many people know that Sasthras say so.  Some believe it and some may not  but, those realised souls  who experienced the truths, gain the  secret  knowledge  and  thus  continuously strive with various plans   through different programmes,  taught by Sasthras  for making the  people realise this truth for  their well being.  They  motivate people  to follow  Dharma and propagate Dharma to save them  from later sufferings as well as from present sufferings too.   In fact, as they know all the secrets they can enjoy for themselves and keep going.  There are many who do so, but, it is our great Acharyas and sages, just out of great compassion towards the suffering souls try to teach them the truths by themselves standing as example.
Puranas also say  that   those who does  immoral  and  idiocrat ic acts,misusing their senses and sense of freedom, beyond the limitations  tolerated by
the  nature,  will suffer the births of  animals, trees, birds, insects etc. in subsequent births.  That's why even though our sages have so many mystic  powers, they
never used them for their own sake or for their own enjoyment.  They always used their energies for the good of all, sacrificing themselves in such endeavour.

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