Thursday, February 17, 2011

Prabhas Teerth from Mahabharatha

MUKTI DWARAKA: It may be recalled that when Lord Sri Krishna   decided to complete His incarnation, He relaxed under a tree.  At that time, a hunter , Jara, who was Vali in his previous birth, hit the Lord with an arrow.   The repentant hunter apologized for his folly and at that time Lord enlightened him about his previous birth.  At that time, Lord Brahma, Shiva and other  Devas    came to offer prayers to the Lord . Lord Sri
Krishna   exhibited His divine form with 4 hands and Thayar seated on   His right breast.At that time, Lord Brahma and others addressed the Lord as the one bearing the bow,indicating Sri Ramaavataaram.   The Divine spirit ascended to the Heavens piercing the Solar Orb.   Then the spirit appeared to Brahma and the others as a stone image and simultaneously a voice from the Heavens proclaimed that He would appear on earth in that shape , which while appearing to be stony and lifeless would possess considerable spiritual power, that He would remain on earth thereafter till the end of Kaliyugam and that Brahma and the Devas should continue their worship there.    This incident happened at the end of Dwapara Yuga. ( This story is depicted in Chapter V of Mausala Parva of Sri Mahabharatha ) In the beginning of Kaliyuga, Lord manifested Himself at Thiruvengadam   This Lord is our Thiruvengadamudayan and our Tirumala is Kaliyuga Vaikuntam. Even today, all the devas headed by Lord Brahma come to Thiruvengadam and offer worship to the Lord. Hence, every night after EKANTA SEVA, the archakars in the Tirumalai temple fill all the pancha paatrams with water for the devas to perform pooja and leave the place.   This theertham is offered to devotees who participate in the next day “SUPRABHATA SEVA”. We were told that there is a small temple dedicated
to Lord Sri Krishnar under the tree in Veravel. Only in this place, Lord Krishna is seen in “SAYANA THIRUKOLAM”   We could not visit this temple as we were told that it would take minimum 10 hours to go there and come back to Dwaraka. 

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