Monday, February 21, 2011

Gomti Dwaraka

Going out of the south gate of Jagat Mandir called Swarga Dwar, climbing down 56 steps, one can reach Gomati ghat where sacred river Gomati flows. At the request of great Sages the river Ganges descended from Heaven along with the sage Vasista and manifested at this place as Gomati.

Moving further down to the right side, the river Gomati meets the ocean and the point of confluence is known as Gomati Sangam. This is the point where Lord Sri Maha Vishnu manifested along with his Sudarshana Chakra and gave darshan to Brahma Manasa Puthras (mind born sons of Lord Brahma).

From Gomati Sangam 32 miles area along the banks of river Gomati on either side is called as Chakratheertha where one can still find wheel marked white porous type stones called as Dwarkashila or Chakrankitha. To the extreme end of the Sangam point across the Gomati Ghat on the right side one can find an imposing temple of Samudra Narayana.

There are as many as 12 Ghats across the sangam point which are renovated and made accessible to the pilgrims for taking bath as well as for performing sacred rites. down the steps from Swarga Dwar as you walk across these Ghats you will find number of small temples including that of Gomati Devi (the river Goddess).

There is a great significance for taking holy bath and performing sacred rites to forefathers at this Sangam point of sacred river Gomati where Lord Sri Krishna known to have taken bath several times. It is said that it will liberate one from the sins committed in the previous births and is regarded as the gate way to salvation. His ancestors belonging to three generations go to the abode of Vishnu and his accumulated sins of thousands of years get destroyed. Mere darshan of Gomati at Dwarka destroys all the sins, which are committed by thoughts, words and deeds.

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