Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bet Dwaraka

Bet Dwarka (Dwarka Island)

Bet Dwarka was the residence of Bhagwan Sri Krishna.Bet Dwarka Island, also known as Bet Shankhodhara, is situated in the Gulf of Kutch. The island has a temple dedicated to Lord Krishna. Early historic settlement remains have been located on the island which may be dated back to 3rd century BC on the basis of a potsherd inscribed with 'Nandakasa' in the Mauryan Brahmi script.
Bet Dwarka is located 30km north of Dwarka on an island in the middle of the Arabian Sea, next to the coastal town of Okha. It takes twenty minutes by boat to reach the island. Bet Dwarka is said to be the remains of the 250 sq km (96 square miles) of land borrowed from the ocean to build the original city of Dwarka.

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