Monday, February 14, 2011

Horses of Saurashtra

Kathiwadi thoroughbreds, supposedly the oldest and purest Indian breed of horse, are put through their paces at the largest state horse show and competition. Rajkot, India. 15/10/2010.
The Phrase 'Horsing Around' would have had a different meaning had it originated in Saurashtra, also called Kathiawad - once the land of 217 princely states ruled by rajput and later Kathi tribesmen. In fact, Rajput clan rulers and Kathi tribesmen were the original breeders of the Kathiwadi horse, which is said to be the purest and oldest of all Indian horse breeds. It is no surprise then, that the biggest horse show -cum-competition of the state is organised in the city that is considered to be the Saurashtra capital.
The show is jointly organised by the Rajkot Municipal Corporration, Gujarat Khathiwadi, Marvadi Ashwapalak and Sahakari Mandli.

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