Friday, March 11, 2011

Dwarka: Famous for Pushtimarg Sect

Pushti Marga is a sect which advocates love oriented worship-premlakshana bhakti.
Mahaprabhuji Vallabhacharya propagated this style of praying the Lord Krishna. His basis was Shrimad Bhagvat , a holy book of Hindus Which inter alia deals with life and philosophy of Krishna. Around five hundred years ago, Mahaprabhuji had visited Dwarka number of times.
He used to recite Bhagvatkatha on the bank of river Gomati near the temple of Dwarkadheesh. To-day, that place is developed as Mahaprabhuji’s bethak.
He established his seats thus at Bet Dwarka, Mool Gomata, Shamalasar (i.e Gopi Talao) near Dwarka. Mahaprabhuji’s second son Vitthalnathji Gunsaiji continued his father's tradition and established seats at Gaga, Gurgat,Baradia and also at Dwarkadheesh temple (near Samb-Lakshman temple).
Thus Dwarka, Bet Dwarka, Baradia, Gaga, Gopi talao, Gurgat, Ran, Pindara and Nana Bhavada (i.e Gomata) are Mahaprabhuji’s seats in Dwarka region which attracts thousands of devotees every year. One finds influence of Pushtimarg in Dwarkadheesh's aarti, puja-archana etc. At Bet Dwarka, however, the style appears to be drawn from Haveli traditions. Havelis too, of course, follow pushtimarg.

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