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Sode Mutt of Sri Sri Vadiraja enclosing idols from Dwaraka

Some of the Idols worshipped at Sode Mutt by Swamiji everday

Vyāsāya Bhavanāśāya Śrīśāya Guņarāśayē |
Hŗdyāya Śuddha Vidyāya Madhvāya Ca Namō Namah ||

- Sri Vadiraja

' Salutations to Lord Sri Vedavyasa, the abode of all auspicious attributes and the destroyer of Samsara,
Salutations to Sri Madhva to plant in my heart the pure wisdom of the Lord '

Idols Worshipped

A listing of the idols worshipped by Sri Vadiraja Teertha and in use at the Sode mutt even to this day would read as follows:
1. Sri Bhoovaraha Moola Vigraha 
the centrepiece of the mutt - gifted to the first pontiff Sri Vishnu Teertha by Sri Madhvacharya.
2. 'Vyasa Mushti' 
self incarnated, obtained from Badarikashrama and worshipped by Sri Madhvacharya.
3. Lord Sri Hayagriva 
Obtained by Sri Vadiraja Teertha from Daivajna brahmin artisans as indicated in his dreams.
4. Hayagriva Saligrama 
retrieved by Sri Vaidraja Teertha from a cave in Dwaraka.
5. Kadagolu Krishna 
Received by Sri Vadiraja Teertha from Sri Vishnu Teertha atop Kumara mountain.
6. Lord Sri Narasimha 
worshipped by Bheemasena in Dwapara yuga -retrieved by Sri Vadiraja Teertha from Bheemakunda as bidden by Sri Vedavyasa when visiting Badasrikaashrama.
7. Lord Sri Srinivasa with Bhu (in gold)
presented by the Lord himself in the dream to Sri Vadiraja Teertha as a token of his pleasure at Tirupati.
8. Lord Sri Rama and Lord Sri Vitthala (both in silver)
retrieved by Sri Vadiraja Teertha while unearthing buried riches at Hampi - believed to have been worshipped by Vali and Sugriva.
9. Pache Vitthala (emerald) 
statue of a Jain temple that transformed into this form in the presence of Sri Vadiraja Teertha.

10. Lord Sri Vitthala 
once worshipped by Sage Gouthama and retrieved by Sri Vadiraja Teertha.
11. Vishwambara Saligrama
12. Lord Sri Mushna Varaahamurthy 
obtained by Sri Vadiraja Teertha when visiting Mushni.
13. Lord Sri Hayagriva (silver)
gifted by Sri Vishnu Teertha, brother of Sri Madhvacharya.
14. Dadhivamana Saligrama
15. Balamuri Shankha 
retrieved by Sri Vadiraja Teertha from the seabed in Dwaraka.
16.Balamuri Shankha
given to Sri Vishnu Teertha by Sri Madhvacharya.
17. Lakshminarayana Saligramas from 12 Khsehtras
obtained from Gandaki River by Sri Vadiraja Teertha.
18. Mint ring and 'akshaya patra'
extraordinary items gifted by Sri Madhvacharya to his brother and the first pontiif of this mutt.
19. Lord Sri Krishna (bearing a divine smile)
gifted originally to a devout family by Sri Madhvacharya - later offered to the mutt by the family for conduct of special long term prayers.
20. Lord Sri Narayana resplendent on the lotus.
The following items also are present in the mutt:
  • Image of Sri Mukhya prana
  • Statue of Sri Vadiraja Teertha presented by the seer to his mother
  • Sri Vadiraja Teertha's golden paadukas
  • Padmapeetha with the presence of Sri Bhootharaja
  • Statue of Sri Vedavyasa

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