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Seyyanniyan Siriyanmigaphperiyan
Aayan Dwaraikonaay Ninra Maayan-an
rothiya Vaakathanaikallaar Ulagathil 

Unfathomable and yet easily accessible, small but 
yet great is the Lord, Who born as a cowherd 
became the great king of Dwaraka. He taught then 
those words which many in this world have not 
learnt and remain without true " knowledge " 
considering Him as their enemy. 

Azhwar asks,"Why talk of not knowing Him rescuing this earth 
from under the deluging waters? Do we know the words that He 
gave in order to rescue us from the deluge of this cycle of birth 
and death 

Seyyan migaphperiyan - "unreachable and very great" 

(Taitriopanishad-Anandavalli)."Yato Vacho Nivartantae"-"Where mind and words 
can not reach" -unfathomable to even Brahma and other devas. 

Aniyan - easily accessible to those who love Him
Siriyan - because of His compassion, He chooses to become very 
easily available to His devotees and comes in many humble and 
lowly forms such as taking birth in a cowherd's family.

Aayan Dwaraikonaay Ninra Maayan - cowherd boy who stood 
as the king of Dwaraka.

Sri PeriyaVaacchaan Pillai states that these two are examples of 
His saulbhya guna. Lord Krishna wanted Bheemasena (the second 
of the Pandavas) to achieve glory and He arranged so that Bheema 
could kill Jarasandha, the demon king in a duel. In order for this 
to happen Krishna let Himself defeated by Jarasandha and hid 
away from him by staying in Dwaraka.

Maayan-anrothiya Vaakathanaikallaar - The Lord who taught (to Arjuna at the time of 
Maha Bharatha war) those words refers to the charamasloka namely 

Sarva dharman parathiyajaya maamegam saranam vrja
Aham thva sarvapapyo mokshayaahiyami maasusaha

meyygyanamell-without true knowledge.

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