Monday, March 7, 2011

Kusasthali - Dwarka's older city

LORD KRISHNA in the Golden City

Dwaraka and Kusasthali
Kusasthali was the older city, upon which the city of Dwaraka was built during the time of Vasudeva Krishna. To protect people from Jarasandha, Lord Krishna made Yadavas  to leave Mathura and settle in west to the city of Dwaravati. (2,14). There was a delightful town towards the west called Kusasthali, adorned by the mountains of Raivata. In that city, they took up their abode. They rebuilt its fort and made it so strong that it became impregnable it is said that the antariksh (space) of dvaraka was protected none other than the Sudarshan Chakra of Shri Krishna and the hal of haldar Balrama.

The Yadavas’ migration from Surasena Kingdom to Dwaraka is mentioned. Vasudeva Krishna took up his residence in Kusasthali at the city of Dwaraka. At Kusasthali, there was held a conclave of the Devas. Kuvera went to that place surrounded by grim visaged Yakshas, numbering three hundred maha-padmas, carrying various weapons.
The account of Dvaraka’s sinking into the ocean is found in book of the Mahabharata (Mausala-parvan).

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